WRECKER? This Exclusive Clip Destroys Her!

DUEL. ROAD GAMES. THE HITCHER. BREAKDOWN. And a whole mess of other movies…

Indeed, the cat-and-mouse, big truck vs. little car thriller has been flattened into cinematic road kill over the years, with variations on the theme popping up at least once a year. The reason being is, of course, because the formula almost always works.

In Micheal Bafaro’s kinetic new smash-em-up WRECKER, we have two women (as opposed to the usual single male protagonist that is a staple of these sorts of films) driving the lonesome highways in their mustang, looking to get high and party. Instead the ladies (played by Anna Hutchison and Drea Whitburn) somehow piss off an unseen kook in a massive, monstrous tow-truck that proceeds to chase them and chase them and chase them, with mustang murder on his (or her?) mind.

WRECKER hits select theaters and VOD on November 6th via XLrator Media, but SHOCK has an exclusive, road-rage soaked clip to tide you over.

Check out the mayhem below.
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