Vice Magazine blog, Noisey, spent some time over the last couple months interviewing Jet Life Films director CJ Wallis (@fortyfps) to detail his journey from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The article written by Clinton Yates, entitled: “From Canada To Curren$y,” was published yesterday and here is an excerpt from the story:

“…But his importance to the effort is undeniable. In addition to his video exploits, he designs cover art and websites. From a creative standpoint, JLF just isn’t the same without Wallis.

“He makes it easy. That’s what he do. You could just go on our Twitters and read the comments about his work. That’s what helps. Everybody likes it, I’ve never heard anybody talk down on his work,” JL mainstayYoung Roddy says.

“Even the work he thinks is bad, everybody thinks it’s awesome.”

You can check out the entire story & article by clicking here. Check back here shortly as we will be posting reviews from Curren$y’s latest mixtape release “The Drive-In Theatre” which can be downloaded here with exclusive through Bit Torrent bundle.