‘Toxin’ to be released in Canada on February 25th!

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada

and IndustryWorks Pictures Present


On DVD February 25, 2014

Toronto, ON – Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and IndustryWorks Pictures present the zombie-infection horror film Toxin on DVD in Canada February 25. Set on a remote island amongst the backdrop of a government conspiracy, this film delivers action and gore!

Lieutenant John Paxton (Douglas Chapman of Inception, 300, Watchmen)  makes his way back to the forbidden island that once served as a secret government testing facility where biological and chemical weapons were devised to create the ultimate killing machine super-soldiers. Paxton’s plan of hijacking a small island hopper plane goes horribly wrong when it crashes, leaving the survivors to await rescue on the deserted island. As the action ramps up, group dynamics amongst the cast of characters stranded becomes as big a threat to them as the infected denizens of the island Paxton struggles to fulfill his mission of revenge against the very government that abandoned and betrayed him, leaving him to die after a secret biological warfare experiment went horribly wrong.

Directed by the highly accomplished film and digital media artist Tom Raycove (VFX for ‘XFiles,’ ‘Outer Limits, X-Men, Executive Producer for American MaryToxin also features Krya Zagorsky (The ABCs of Death, ‘Helix’), Philip Granger (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, ‘The Killing’), and Patrick Sabongui (Godzilla, The Cabin In The Woods).

Disrupted Logic Interactive on behalf of IndustryWorks Pictures created a first-person shooter video game Toxin: Zombie Annihilation in conjunction with the film, developed with Tom Raycove’s experience as a senior editor and visual effects artist at Electronic Arts Inc. In this fast action and intense game, the toxin has the deadly power of turning ordinary people into mindless killing machines who are impervious to pain. You are Lieutenant John Paxton, one of the best the military has ever produced, armed with a Beretta, a M16 and unlimited grenades. Your mission is to make your way through endless waves of raging zombies and fight your way to save humanity. The game is available now on Android and iOS on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada is the Toronto, ON based branch of Anchor Bay Entertainment, the home entertainment division of Starz Media, LLC. It includes the Anchor Bay Films and Manga Entertainment brands. It distributes feature films, children’s entertainment, fitness, TV series, documentaries, anime and other filmed entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray formats. Anchor Bay Entertainment has offices in Toronto, Troy Michigan, Beverly Hills, California as well as the United Kingdom and Australia. Starz Media (www.starzmedia.com <http://www.starzmedia.com>) is a controlled subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Capital Group. For more information visit:http://www.anchorbayentertainment.ca

About IndustryWorks

IndustryWorks is a fully integrated company that distributes and produces feature films, television and new media content worldwide. IndustryWorks Pictures sets itself apart by having the keen sense of recognizing potential in projects for production and its primary function is to release unique and marketable content to the market place. IndustryWorks’ mandate is to release films that appeal to the mainstream and niche audiences. The company has several in-house projects in development on an ongoing basis. IndustryWorks distributes its content to all ancillary media outlets, including box office, VOD, SVOD, airlines, internet and digital platforms, retail and rental outlets.  www.industry-works.com

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