The Girl (2016)

Starring Michael Biehn, Tia Carrere, Evie Thompson

Directed by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, The Girl is a film that uses a blunt-force approach to its storytelling and doesn’t mince words when it comes to throwing in a seriously creepy performance from Michael Biehn himself – quite a departure from Mr. Kyle Reese, indeed.

Biehn stars as a man who is on the surface… yeah, I can’t even sugarcoat this – he’s just straight-up eerie as all hell in a role that he completely swats out of the park. He’s not only a father, but a man who’s got quite the long list of kidnappings to his name, and he’s always on the hunt for another body to stash away. Fitted to a “t” with a dirty trucker hat and serial killer specs, his simple stare alone would be enough to make a timid soul leave track marks in their skivvies. […]

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