Reviews ‘The Vatican Exorcisms’


NOTE: I’ll just rate two categories for this movie which is the story and the music. I can’t really rate the CGI and acting in this movie since it’s a real documentary.

2nd NOTE: I really believe that it’s a true documentary because I actually can’t find any trailers for this movie. Another proof that I have is that the scares were unexpected. In most if not all the horror movies that I know, I knew when the jumpscare is gonna happen because it’s very scripted. In this documentary the scares were unexpected.

STORY – 8/10

I really liked the plot of the movie. The only thing that I hated was that the movie was really short (1 hour and 10 mins i think) and the ending. I agreed with the people that I was watching the movie with when they said “How did the crew not catch up to Joe when he ran out the doors?” and another question on my mind is if Joe safely made it back to USA or not because Joe’s wife was explaining things happening to Joe after the documentary, which I thought that after the documentary, Joe went missing. I don’t know if it was just me but it wasn’t very clear to me. There were some really good scares in the movie which I really liked. I’m actually writing this review on my laptop instead of my desktop because I’m really scared to have my back against the whole room. :D hehe. My friend said that the movie was not that scary, but I think that they were just expecting jumpscares galore in the movie which is bad and will ruin the movie for some people. So when you watch horror movies especially unedited, documentaries, don’t expect a thing and go inside the cinema with a clear mind.

Music – 9/10

The music tracks used really suited the movie, especially with the scares. In some parts though, I found that the music was kind of overpowering the voices so it was hard for me to understand what they were saying. And the volume of the sounds were really high and was kind of hurting my ears. :D



This movie will definitely give you a scare or two. I definitely recommend that you watch this movie if you’re a big fan of horror movies or not. I would suggest though that you should not expect anything from this movie because you might be disappointed. :)

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