She Scribes! Reviews ‘Back To The Sea’

I’m always on the look out for fun movies to share with my family. Being a blogger helps to me learn about movies I might not otherwise have the opportunity to know about. Often movies go straight to DVD (or Blu-ray). Since video rental stores are hard to come by these days, straight to video movies go largely unnoticed.

One such movie is called Back to the Sea. It’s an animated film that was made in 2012. It was only released in a limited number of theaters so not many people may have heard about it. I just learned about it’s DVD release. I was sent a copy to review for my readers.

Back to the Sea Cover Art

Back to the Sea brings together the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Tom Kenny, Tim Curry and Christian Slater.

Back to the Sea is the story of a flying fish name Kevin. He enjoys his life in the sea with his family and friends. He spends his days playing sports with his friends and dreaming of going to Barbados.

One day Kevin was swept up in a fisherman’s net. He tried desperately to escape but it was no use – he was stuck in the net. Also caught up in the net was a rare pearl that belongs to his family.

The pearl is very valuable. Once it was discovered and word got out about it a thief came along and stole it.

Back to the Sea Net Scene

Kevin soon finds himself in a fish tank located in a popular New York City Chinese restaurant.  As luck would have it the thief is hiding the pearl in the same tank, unbeknown to Kevin.

Kevin makes a few friends in the tank but that is not enough to make him want to stay there. He wants to get back to the sea. Especially after Kevin discovers that fish that are removed from the tank are not set free (as the tank fish are lead to believe by one of it’s occupants) but rather they are chopped up and made into someone’s meal.

The restaurant owner’s young son befriends Kevin. He is lonely and dreams of adventure. His father wants him to become a great Chinese chef, but he has no interest in it.

Once Kevin discovers the family pearl he is more determined then ever to get back to the sea. With the help of his friends and human companion, the group sets out to get back to the sea and help Kevin get the pearl back to his family.

Throughout the story the thief keeps coming back and trying to find ways of retrieving the pearl, but each time he does his plans are foiled. He keeps reinventing himself as a new person in order to gain access to the tank and the pearl.

Will the thief succeed in retrieving the pearl? Will Kevin make it back to the sea… or on someone’s dinner plate? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Back to the Sea.

The DVD will be released by Viva Pictures on April 2, 2013. The pre-book date is February 26, 2013. It has a retail price of $19.95. Back to the Sea is currently available to rent (online) from and You can also purchase the DVD right now exclusively at Walmart.

Back to the Sea Young Boy

I liked the movie, but I didn’t love it. The animation was not the best quality. Compared to other animated films, this film looked more like it was made in the 80′s – not 2012. I also didn’t find the characters cute or appealing at all. I had a hard time connecting with them. If they were cute or silly looking I might have had more interest in them.

The movie also had a lot of similarities to Finding Nemo. Take for example Kevin getting caught in the fisherman’s net and how Kevin found himself in a tank and tries his best to escape. Nemo was also captured in a fisherman’s net as well as found himself in a tank. Nemo also tried to find his way back to the sea to see his father.

The main character of Kevin reminded me a lot of the character of Oscar from Shark Tale.

The story it’s self was pretty good, except the part where Kevin witnesses the fish getting chopped up for dinner. They don’t show it happening but you can hear the fish screaming out for help.

My kids lost interest in the film early on. They might be a bit older then the target demographics. My kids are 13 and 15. Maybe younger kids might be more interested.

I’m on the fence with this film. I liked the plot, but not the animation. None the less I think it’s still worth checking out. Your family might enjoy this fishy tale about friendship, family and determination.

Back to the Sea screen shot

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