SF IndieFest Reviews ‘Mother Country’

Breaux, a San Francisco tech writer and Stanford graduate, shot her film – a drama about a young gang member on a road trip of self-discovery after he accidentally shoots an innocent girl – in 21 days across four states. The film debuted in July at the American Black Film Festival in Miami Beach.

“We’ve been making heavy use of social media – Twitter, Facebook, (e-mail) blasts,” said Breaux, who drew on his troubled lower-middle-class childhood in Los Angeles for inspiration in writing and directing the film. “Festivals are for meeting people and networking. There’s no better opportunity for meeting other filmmakers, distributors or anyone who happens to be passionate about film.”

Breaux’s lead actor, Slamdance award winner Thomas Galasso, led Breaux to a sales agent through a connection, and that agent, in Vancouver, British Columbia, is helping place the film “in as many different markets and (international) territories as possible.”

IndieFest serves as the Bay Area premiere of “Mother Country,” naturally something that Breaux is looking forward to; she’s bringing much of her cast up for the screening.

“We’ll all go to a bar afterward and celebrate,” she laughed.

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