FORMAT: Scripted, historical drama – 13 x 1 hour episodes

STARRING: Tom McKay, Michelle Lukes, Brian Caspe, Jim High

DIRECTORS: David Kocar, Petr Kubik


It is the end of the 4th century and while the power of Rome has long vanished, the Empire and its vast presence still permeates and influences much of Europe. The struggle to reclaim former glory is a constant battle for the many that lay claim as “emperor” and the chaos, deceit and greed only serves these individuals trying to grasp that last bastion of power for their own personal desires.

AFM: ‘The Lost Legion’ Finds U.S. Home With Lionsgate, Grindstone

A DVD release for the Roman Empire feature could be followed by a planned TV series Grindstone Entertainment has picked up the U.S. distribution rights to The Lost Legion, a feature from Industryworks Studios set in ancient Rome and due out on DVD and digital platforms before a planned TV series. RECOMMENDED: AFM: Emile Hirsch, […]

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