STARRING: Angus Benfield, Victoria Abbott, Jeremy Brennan
DIRECTOR: Patrick Gillies


A struggling preacher is tricked into starting a church in a night club by a debt ridden nightclub owner who sees it as a way to pay a debt to an underworld boss. Things go from bad to worse when the underworld boss sends his number one hit man to clean up the situation. Sits Down With ‘The Holy Roller’ Director Patrick Gillies

Film director Patrick Gillies tells the story behind a homespun feelgood movie that came together with a jolt or two.  “Our film opens nationwide on September 15,” my partner-in-crime, Angus Benfield, informs me. Rugby World Cup month. “Isn’t that like the ‘Month of Death’ for movies in this country?” Angus urges me to have some […]

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Christian Cinema Reviews ‘The Holy Roller’

Angus Benfield, a writer, actor and producer, brings his 20 years of experience in the Australia and New Zealand film industries to the Christian movie THE HOLY ROLLER, in the starring role of Pastor Luke. His partners in the film are Patrick Gillies [director and producer], an award-winning writer, director and producer, and Mark Freiburger [DOG […]

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