STARRING: Michael Dacre, Steve Garry, Angus Kennedy
DIRECTOR: Leigh Dovey


“Memento” meets “Wolf Creek”: When amnesiac Matt Sadler awakes alone in the middle of the wilderness with no recollection of the past seven days, he finds his way home to discover a life rapidly falling apart: his wife is convinced he’s hiding an affair, the police are suspicious of his repeated disappearances, and now he is plagued by terrifying nightmares whenever he closes his eyes. Sits Down With Producer and Editor of ‘Fallow Field’ Colin Arnold

The Fallow Field is a low budget chiller written and directed by Leigh Dovey. It yet again proves that we are in the midst of a resurgence in British horror and we were lucky enough to talk to the producer and editor of the movie, Colin Arnold, to find out more about taking the film from page […]

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Starburst Magazine Reviews ‘The Fallow Field’

After struggling to find distribution (like so many indie horror films) for over three years, Monster Pictures have finally taken a punt on Leigh Dovey’s throwback to 1970s British rural horror, and good on them for doing so. With other recent releases like Scott Leberecht’s excellent Midnight Son, Monster Pictures are slowly building themselves as a […]

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Sci Fi Now Reviews ‘The Fallow Field’

It can seem like there are limited choices for first-time horror filmmakers. You can go with zombies, because everyone loves zombies. Found-footage might be a good way to mask your lack of budget. And then there’s the torture route, because it’s cheap and will appeal to the gore hounds. With its remote farmhouse setting and the […]

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The Fallow Field is a new British horror from writer / director Leigh Dovey. Channeling classic British features from many genres, the reviews and reception have been incredibly strong so far. Colin McCracken spoke with director Leigh Dovey about the film, which is soon to be released from Monster Pictures UK.  Disorientated and lost, Matt […]

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Movie Scope Magazine Reviews ‘The Fallow Field’

Waking confused in the middle of a field, Matt Sadler (Steve Garry) hitches a ride to his home in Shrewsbury. Unable to remember anything about where he has been or what he has done during a seven-day absence, Matt is duly dumped by his wife (Anna Ruben) who, grown weary of his regular blackouts, suspects […]

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The Fallow Field is the debut directorial indie feature from Leigh Dovey. The film begins by telling the tale of amnesiac Matt (Steve Garry), who wakes up in the middle of nowhere. When he finds his way back home it appears that he’s been missing for a week. But it’s not the first time this has […]

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