STARRING:  Michael Biehn, Tia Carrere, Evie Thompson

DIRECTOR: Jennifer Blanc

They’re not your average family next door. Mother (Tia Carrere) sits at home watching daytime TV and collecting things from the Home Shopping Channel. Father (Michael Biehn) is a collector too, but his collection resides in the shed at the bottom of the garden. When their son rescues Father’s latest acquisition (Evie Louise Thompson), she feels compelled to return the favor by trying to save him from her psychopathic captor and the horrors that lie within his own home.


The Girl (2016)

Starring Michael Biehn, Tia Carrere, Evie Thompson Directed by Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, The Girl is a film that uses a blunt-force approach to its storytelling and doesn’t mince words when it comes to throwing in a seriously creepy performance from Michael Biehn himself – quite a departure from Mr. Kyle Reese, indeed. Biehn stars as a […]

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