STARRING: Richard Short, Apolla Echino
DIRECTOR: Apolla Echino


Delphine is a beautiful dancer living in New York who’s exploring some new found relationships in the infamous city. Despite her best intentions to keep things light, Delphine finds herself falling hard for a sexy and charismatic painter. Although smitten with her, The Painter continues an array of sexual relationships, most of which he keeps hidden from her despite confessions of his love for her. Delphine wants to believe that he’s telling her the truth and that he’s whittling his stable of girlfriends down to just one.

“Addicted bliss degenerates into an unfulfilling relationship ‘A NEW YORK LOVE STORY ‘” via Hollywood Independents

“Filmmaker & star Apolla Echino is engaging as Delphine, an assertive intelligent woman, yet at times desperate for affection, in this gripping story of what  may seem at first glance to be a  promising romance.  Her love interests referred to as Painter, is played charmingly, seductively and deceitfully by  Richard Short.  It is made clear  […]

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‘A New York Love Story’ premiers at the SOHO International Film Festival

“New York–Apolla Enchino’s erotic drama “A New York Love Story” will have its world premiere at SOHO International Film Festival at Village East Cinemas (189 12th St. and 2nd Ave.) tonight, 9:15 p.m. The film stars Enchino,Richard Short, Siobhan Flynn, Miguel Pinzon, and ALADDIN on Broadway’s Princess Jasmine,Courtney Reed. For tickets, check it out HERE. Its […]

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