STARRING: Jordan Gavaris. Michael Madsen, August Schellenberg
DIRECTOR: Dave Schultz


In the autumn of 1960, a fluke atmospheric weather condition allows a young teenager, Parry Tender, to receive a radio broadcast from New York City. Nestled in the Northern town of Goose Lake, Saskatchewan, Parry believes the contest the New York radio D.J. is running may be his ticket out of town, and away from a life to which he feels he never belonged. When Debbie Baxter, a young girl from California, arrives in the town, Parry soon discovers love, loss, and the magic of rock and roll.

 Sits Down with ’45 RPM’ Director Juli Jackson

There are two movies that I’m very excited to see this summer – Man of Steel, and 45 RPM. We are familiar with one of these films, and some of us will soon be very familiar with the indie flick from Arkansas native Juli Jackson. Jackson’s dark comedy is about an artist named Charlie who comes to […]

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The Examiner Reviews ’45 RPM’

There is moment in “45 RPM” where I forgot about the lead of my pencil pressed against the small sheet of paper clutched in my free hand. Charlie (Liza Burns) discovers more than she’d ever hope to find in a beautiful sequence driven by genius cinematography, great music, and absolutely phenomenal acting. Let me back […]

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