More Action Thrillers On Route from XLrator Media

Business is good for XLrator Media. Earlier this year the company announced slates of action films with RNR Entertainment and sci-fi thrillers with New Artists Alliance and today they’ve announced even more projects on the way care of a new co-production deal with IndustryWorks Studios.

The companies previously worked together on the releases of American Mary and Wrecker and the new co-production deal will see them co-produce and release three films, the first of which is a supernatural thriller called Residue, written and directed by Candiland director Rusty Nixon and starring Costas Mandylor and Taylor Hickson. The other projects in the deal come from Wrecker director Micheal Bafaro: Playtime and a futuristic action thriller titled Fuse.

Vancouver-based IndustryWorks has produced a number of interesting projects over the years including Kris Booth’s At Home By Myself… with You, a comedy about a woman who suffers from multiple phobias and is incapable of leaving home, Dave Schultz’s excellent coming of age drama 45 R.P.M (with “Orphan Black” star Jordan Gavaris, Michael Madsen and Kim Coates) and the upcoming Sun Choke (trailer).


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