Interview with Gary Busey “CANDiLAND”: “Unorthodox, crazy, dynamic”

Unfathomably original. “CANDiLAND” is a disarming cacophony of brilliance born so far beyond convention that even time will be powerless to dilute it’s impact. It is a movie that will forever linger within the shadows of your late night thoughts.

A work this potent can only be brought to life through the charged alchemy of creativity, vision, and talent. Those most responsible for the success of this award-winning endeavor (“Best World Premiere” at The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2016) are author Elizabeth Engstrom; writer/director Rusty Nixon (“Best Director,” Los Angeles Independent Film Awards); and actors James Clayton (“Best Actor,” Los Angeles Independent Film Awards), Chelah Horsdal (“Best Actress,” Los Angeles Independent Film Awards), and The Sunscreen Festival 2016 “Legacy Award” winner Gary Busey. […]

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