STARRING: Deniz Bolisik, Caner Cindoruk, Munir Can Cindoruk


Set in Afghanistan, where preparations for the Sept. 11 attacks started five years before the infamous event, “The Butterfly” portrays the civil war and its effects on the thousands of people who lost their lives, their families or their homes. “It is said that when a butterfly flaps here, it causes a storm in the Atlantic Ocean. We, each of us, are like this butterfly. But with a difference: our butterfly does not cause the storm. It protects us from the storm with its wings.”

Today’s Zaman Reviews ‘The Butterfly’

Director Cihan Taşkın’s eagerly anticipated debut feature “Kelebek” (Butterfly), which hit theaters on Friday, clearly rejects the association of Muslims with terrorism that became so widespread after the Sept. 11, 2001 suicide attacks carried out against the US by al-Qaeda.  The movie, written by Mahmut Bengi, tells the story of Yusuf and his friends, who […]

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