STARRING: Andy Salgado, Amber Watson, Dakota Morrissiey
DIRECTOR: Erica Summers


Tyler Rooney (Andy J. Salgado) can’t catch a break. From a tense homelife under the unapproving eye of his stern father, to the stigma of having an unstable mother in a mental institution, Tyler finds solace in chess duels with his uncle and studying a mysterious flesh-bound book at a local voodoo shop.
When a group of college freshmen, headed by handsome alpha jerk, Scott (Dakota Morrissiey), and his secretive new girlfriend Summer (Amber Watson), choose Tyler as the subject for their juvenile pranks, Tyler seeks the aid of the voodoo priestess. Bullied for the last time, Tyler performs an ancient hoodoo ritual to unleash the brutal and bloodthirsty “Mister White.” Once unleashed, this cursed creature won’t stop until he exacts a violent and unrelenting revenge on them for their sins…