Boys Weekend Gone Bad.

The annual camping trip taken by four old friends goes awry as one of them becomes increasingly unstable.
Knowing nothing about this movie prior to viewing really helped my experience, as it has a very simple premise. I didn’t even know it was a lost-in-the-woods movie until the four characters introduced in the first act all met up for their yearly excursion.
White Raven was a sedate, yet increasingly intense movie that really resonated with me. The interactions between the four friends seemed very familiar to me, as I saw parts of myself and my oldest friends in them. This naturally made me invested in seeing how things were going to play out.
I really don’t want to downplay how much truth there was in Moxham’s writing. This is often how guys behave with each other, as Shane Twerden‘s character Dan says late in the film, “We’re men. We don’t talk to each other.” We don’t generally share our feelings, and modern technology has only helped further compound this. It tends to distract us from the important stuff. The hard stuff. In the movie, one of their foursome is going through some serious shit, and the only reason the other three were forced to deal with it is because they were stuck in the wilderness together. White Raven obviously presented a worse case scenario, but the reality within was staggering.


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